Seacoast Newcomers Club

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A Message from our President

Welcome to the Seacoast Newcomers Club

I would like to extend warm greetings to both new and returning members.  I am very honored to serve as the 47th president of the Seacoast Newcomers Club.  I have been a member for 11 years, joining in 2006.  It has been positively life-changing and a blessing to me. 

When I moved to the Seacoast, first living in Hampton, I was seeking a way to meet some new friends and acquaintances.  After I joined a small knitting group, one of the knitters, a SNC member named Connie George, suggested I attend a monthly coffee and gave me the details.  The next month I summoned the courage to attend.  Very nervous and not knowing what to expect, I was so pleasantly surprised.  Welcomed beyond my best expectations, from that first step, 11 years of my life has been enriched.

In addition to our club-wide events, Seacoast Newcomers also offers many Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and I hope you will find new activities, new friends, and new adventures.  Strong friendships enhance our health and well-being and enrich our lives. 

As a non-profit, all volunteer club, SNC also strives to support our greater community by annually sponsoring a local charity with a portion of our yearly dues and other funds raised through raffles. 

To ensure that we keep our club operating for the benefit of all, each member is encouraged to lend a hand (or two) in whatever ways they are able to do so. The many opportunities to serve include bringing food to share at our monthly coffees, offering to host events large or small, chairing a Special Interest Group, and taking a role on the Board of Directors.

Looking forward to a memorable year together!


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